You drew a first breath at the moment you were born, and in that breath received energy, all the potential of a lifetime. The astrology birth chart is a map of the heavens on the date, at the exact time and place when you were born.

Astrology works with the principle of ‘As Above, So Below’ meaning that as it is in the heavens so it is on earth. Each reflects the other, because there is no separation. All expression in and by the universe, including the heavens and its cycles, are also reflected in each of us. We are immersed in this energy, we breathe it every moment of our lives.

Astrology readings offer an opportunity to understand your relationship with universal energy more deeply.

Through the birth chart we can explore the potential of your life unfolding; revealing character, strengths and challenges to overcome, talents to develop, express and share, areas of exploration – all with the intention of living a happy and fulfilling life.

Astrology can help you catch on to your bliss and follow it.

Astrology can help confirm your life experiences. In difficult times, the birth chart like a lighthouse can shine a light of hope; forecasting when the storm may break, when the clouds are going to lift. It can indicate windows of best personal timing – when it is right for new beginnings or appropriate endings, when to take action or remain inactive.

Astrology can strengthen your intuition, increase self-confidence, and enable better personal decision-making based on your unique and essential connection with universal energy. If you’d like to find out more about a reading with me please see the consultations page, or send an email to